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Ezequiel Xalambrí

-  Certified Accountant, University of Buenos Aires.
-  Interim First Assistant, Accrual Basis Accounting, School of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.
-  Collaborator of “Liquidando Sueldos y Jornales,” 4th. Edition, La Ley Publishing House.
-  Labor and accounting auditor.
-  Tax advisor. Preparation of tax returns.
-  Specialized in gross income tax and VAT. Transfer prices.

Miércoles 31 de Diciembre de 1969

Areas of Expertise:

Audit: Performance of accounting audits, preparation of in-house control and inventory valuation reports.

Accounting: Reconciliation and analysis of accounts, preparation and issuance of basic and consolidated financial statements, analysis of financial statements. Accounting certification issuance. Preparation of management reports for foreign controlling companies.

Tax: Tax advice for small and medium companies and information systems. National, provincial and municipal tax settlement. Submission of information systems. Gathering of tax information. Specialized on gross income tax, systems of withdrawal and payment in all Argentine jurisdictions.

Performance of Research Studies on Transfer Prices.

Others: Advice for companies on the Software Industry Promotion System. Advice on Promotion Systems for Small and Medium Companies.

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