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Patricia I. Faraoni

-  Certified Accountant, University of Buenos Aires.
-  Regular Associate Teacher - Accrual Basis Accounting - School of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.
-  Postgraduate Degree in Digital Journalism, Pompeau Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain.
-  Specialized in Administrative and Tax Planning.
-  Postgraduate Degree in International Financial Information Rules, Unicatalunya, Bogotá - Colombia.
-  Author of Books and Works on her fields of specialization.
-  Former Director of Tax Writing in Thomson Reuters Argentina.
-  Author of “Liquidando Sueldos y Jornales,” La Ley Publishing House. 2004, 1st Edition, 2009, 4th Edition.
-  Member of “Generar riqueza incluyendo a través del trabajo” Program. ACDE-AMIA-CARITAS.
-  Hierarchy Mention Award: Accounting University Conferences. Catamarca, 2010.
-  Speaker in courses on labor, tax and accounting areas as from 2004.
-  Advisor in Desafío Joven, Shell and Acde. 2005 and 2006.
-  Mentor and founder of “Mi Primer Estudio” Program. CPCECABA, 2016.
-  Member of the CPCECABA Accounting Commission. 2018 as of today.

Miércoles 31 de Diciembre de 1969

Areas of Expertise:

As a member of the office, I am in charge of tax and administrative planning for businesses, providing them with a comprehensive view of all company areas - tax, administrative, corporate, labor and financial - in order to conduct effective processes oriented to the optimization of resources and the compliance with tax duties, taking advantage of all existing possibilities pursuant to Argentine law, such as benefits for exporters, small and medium companies, subsidized-rate loans, export reimbursements, among others.

Consulting Area: I have provided consultancy services in labor matters for large, medium and small companies. Given the experience acquired as a result of my professional practice, which I expressed in the book of my authorship, and in addition to the training courses given on the theme, I settled a wide range of problems -both technical and procedural - arisen in the payroll payment area of any company. This labor-related experience was supplemented, both in tax area and accounting and corporate area, by my previous experience as a teacher in the University of Buenos Aires for over twenty years.

Audit area: I have conducted more than 100 audits on Financial Statements, including merged companies, under-liquidation companies and business groups. Financial Statement Audit, Due Diligence Reports, Preparation of special merger balance sheets, Preparation of liquidation balance sheets, Preparation of reports as per International Financial Information Rules, Financial Statement Consolidation.

Specialized in Entertainment, Software and Communication industries, Entrepreneurship and Tax Planning.

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